Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sooooo Oregon didn't go so well. I only threw 69M but I learned more from this experience than I did from throwing 75M at my first meet. Firstly I don't want to make excuses for my performance but I do feel that I have been able to rationalize my lack of distance last weekend. I will not bore you with the details but I will list the lessons I believe any athlete in T&F can benefit from:

1. Stay involved in the meet even before you compete. This was the first time I have ever witnessed an event being delayed at the U of O and it just happened to effect my event. The HS Women's javelin ran later and our delay caught me as I was completely warmed up with 45mins to go until I actually competed. I was so focused on myself that I was unaware of the delay.

2. Live and let die. When something goes wrong (which it will occasionally - Thank you Newton!!) you have to be able to drop it and capitalize on the potential you have left. When I felt flat, I tried to ramp up my speed on the runway and lost everything I had learned this off-season technically. Your technique will save you when you are tired; not your adrenaline alone.

3. Take what you can get. Similar to #2, I should have slowed down and capitalized on my remaining technical abilities, but my eyes got big and I tried to muscle my throws. I should have relaxed and focused on the things I could control and not what I no longer could; my energy.

In the end I was disappointed with my performance but in perspective, it was my second meet of the year and I have since been able to rationalize my performance and move forward. I am remaining positive and have taken the positives out of it, by analyzing myself and learning from the weekend. I no longer dwell on the occurrences and just today I had my best throwing training session ever! I believe my ability to drop the stress and move forward will only make me a better athlete in and out of competition and it is something I can feel confident in.

On a higher note, I have been invited to compete in the Ponce Grand Prix (An IAAF Grand Prix event) in Ponce, Puerto Rico on May 12th. I am super pumped!! I will be competing against the World Championship Silver Medallist in 2009 and Bronze Medallist in 2011 as well as some other great throwers who have thrown over 80M. Here is a video of Guillermo Martinez in action (He is the guy with the huge calves):

Guillermo Martinez 2011 Pan Am's

 This is exactly the type of competition I have been looking for and my training has been refocused on this meet and the European meets to follow in May. Before I go I will be competing in Abbotsford on May 5 so if you are around please come out and support some of your local Olympic Hopefuls including yours truly.

Until next time!

  - Curtis Moss

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