Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hey Guess What?! I Made It!!

So Sorry. I suck at updating this thing.

Anyways let me catch you up on what has happened in the last little while (2 months) since I last updated this blog but if you have followed my Facebook this will be a redundant but condensed.

In June I cam back to compete in the National Track League in Canada and I started it off with a bang. I threw over 80m for the first time ever, twice in one competition and won the Harry Jerome Track Classic. This was a huge accomplishment for me as well as my first Olympic 'B' Standard. 3 Days later I travelled to Victoria for the Victoria Track Classic and threw 81.21m, another 'B' Standard and again a personal best. After a forgetful meet in Langley where it was "rainin' sideways!!" I travelled to Calgary for the Canadian Olympic trials. This is what it boiled down to:

I throw 82m 'A' Standard or better - I get to go to the Olympics.
I throw another 79.50m 'B' Standard and nobody else does - I get to go to the Olympics.
I win and nobody throws 'B' or better - I get to go to the Olympics.
Scott Russell throws 79.50m or better - I need to throw 82m to go.
Anybody else throws 82m or better - I need to throw 82m to go.

I had prepared well and really felt ready to throw another personal best. Things were looking great and I trained as though Scott would throw at least his 'B' Standard and I would need to throw the 'A' Standard. When the competition got set up, the unexpected occurred although all of the competitors were excited about the setup in Calgary (ability to throw North or South). Instead of throwing with the wind (tailwind), we would be throwing into a headwind and a pretty strong one at that as there was a women's high jump competition going on at the same time. I knew that I needed to adjust my flight to cut the wind but I knew that it was unlikely that anybody would throw exceptionally far. So I re-focused on myself and directed on my attention on executing my own competition plan and technique. I opened the competition with a 77m throw and stayed steadily in the mid 70's through the competition as others seemed to struggle with low 70's. When we re-ordered the line up I would throw last and after the final competitor in the 6th round threw, I knew that I would be London bound!! I stepped onto the runway and unleashed another 77m throw, which ended up being the winning throw at 77.86m.

I ran back and hugged my girlfriend, mom, dad brother and family and friends and started crying it was sooooo awesome!!

That is the sport and the selection criteria I guess. I would have loved to have been able to go with Scott to London but he was very graceful and extremely supportive of me afterwards. He offered his advice along with his congratulations and something he has said to me since then has really stuck in my head and resonated and I am very appreciative of it so far. He said the Olympics are, "just another track meet," and I think that's the perfect way to approach it!

The next day they announced the team, handed out jackets and it was official. It took about a week for it to sink in and for me to really feel like I was going to the Olympics for Canada. In that time I had driven to Edmonton and competed in Moncton and Toronto where I ended up winning the NTL Finale after dropping the Moncton meet to Kyle Nielsen. When I cam home I competed and won the Provincial Championships then I was able to rest, let it set in and after a couple of days down, it was back to work.

After doing a bunch of interviews, calling an e-mailing people to let them know and trying to get tickets and travel sorted out with family, I was able to get out of town and spent a great weekend at my Coach's cabin with our better halves just kickin' back and relaxing.

I returned to Burnaby to continue training, ramping it back up for another peak and with new goals in mind. That's all for now but I will give another update soon, but don't hold your breath, I'm pretty busy right now :P

   - Keep Chuckin'!